Keys To A Healthy Gut: Prebiotics and Probiotics

Keys To A Healthy Gut: Prebiotics and Probiotics Our gut, brain and skin all lie on the same axis and all work together. Some doctors even call our gut our second brain! 80 % of all neurotransmitters are produced by gut microbes. So if our gut is unhealthy, we might experience symptoms like suppressed immunity,[…]

The Canola Con

Just when you think we are doing something good for our bodies we learn that we have been conned. This has led to today’s case of the Canola Con! How many people use canola oil for cooking? How many people choose mayonnaise, salad dressings, baked goods, and other processed foods containing canola oil? I would say[…]

You Must Remove This to Lose Weight

    A major cause of the obesity epidemic is the out of control level of phthalates which has flooded the human body. According to the U.S. government phthalates are the number one pollutants in the human body.   Fat stores a huge amount of toxic chemicals, so the fatter you are the more you are likely to have higher levels of phthalates[…]