Functional Medicine

As your drug-less physician, I consult with patients who desire a different approach to their health problems. I believe good nutrition should be the cornerstone of any treatment plan. I can advise on how to use vitamins and herbs medicinally, and how to make changes to your diet in order to overcome a particular issue with your health.  A Functional Medicine approach means less dependence on drugs and more patient oriented treatments that look at all the body systems of the patient to see how they are or aren’t working harmoniously. Functional Medicine focuses on food and nutrition as the medicinal tool, along with exercise, stress reduction and education.


A functional medicine approach may be right for you if you are looking to:

  •  Improve energy, stamina and reduce fatigue
  •  Decrease inflammation and pain
  •  Decrease muscle tension and spasm
  •  Accelerate the repair of injured tissues; improve athletic performance and recovery time
  •  Prevent and treat colds and flu by stimulating immune system function
  •  Help your body better deal with stress, anxiety, and depression
  •  Lose weight
  •  Balance hormones
  •  Promote better quality sleep
  •  Improve allergies and sinus conditions
  •  Decrease heartburn, bloating, gas, and reflux, as well as, IBS & Chron’s disease
  •  Lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels
  •  Decrease liver toxicity associated with hepatitis or long-term use of prescription  medication

It’s necessary to investigate the patient’s lifestyle, stress levels, eating habits and exercise routines to really understand where an illness or deficiency is stemming from and what it will take to correct it. Functional medicine is more about cleaning up the internal environment of your body with a healthy diet, supplementing appropriately with specific nutrients, balancing hormones and managing stress.